Lena Heuel – Pilates mat & Privates 


Hi, my name is Lena, i am a 27 years young German & Founder of Pilates Bay which is an online Studio that i created to help people like you, to re-connect to your body bodies’ signals so you can harness your powerful potential. 

Pilates came into my life in the early ages, as my mother owns a studio herself in Germany; it took me a journey to the other side of the world to fell for the sport too. 

I’ve always been a sport enthusiast, yet attended the academy at Pilates Bodymotion (Polestar oriented) only in 2018 and have elaborated on that since. 

For the past 2,5 years I’ve shared my practice online & offline in and around Rotterdam at studios like @Balanzs and @DavidIloydblijdorp and my own online studio.

I now relocated to Amsterdam, focussing on networking with fellow movers & expending my business and ideation for the future. I’m Stroked to be past of Studio 44 and their loving community. 

Hope to connect en move together on the mat soon. 

xx Lena