Barre & Pilates instructor

Olga-Isabelle, a professionally trained ballet dancer from Gothenburg and a certified personal trainer and yoga/Pilates instructor. She combines her passion for movement with women’s health and empowerment at Studio 44. With a focus on not just feeling “ok” but achieving greatness, her classes blend soul and science, encouraging a lifestyle of movement, good food, and empowerment. Olga-Isabelle’s commitment extends beyond her work, as she lives for movement, good food, and female empowerment daily, and is currently enhancing her expertise with a study in clinical nutrition.

Barre & Pilates classes

Olga offers Barre & Pilates reformer group classes, which you can find in the schedule. Additionally, she provides private training sessions using Pilates equipment or without, tailored to your training goals.

To schedule a private session, contact her at:





(+31) 6 24890174 

(Bereikbaar maandag t/m vrijdag van 10:00 – 15:00)

Adres Studio 44

Burgwal 44
2011 BE Haarlem