Vinyasa yoga

Gemma, a Vinyasa flow yoga teacher from Spain now in Haarlem, integrates her dance background and personal experience with scoliosis into her teaching. She focuses on balancing flexibility with strength, designing sequences that promote active flexibility and resilience, tailored to individual needs. Her goal is to create a personal and safe environment for self-connection through practice, acknowledging each body’s uniqueness and providing specific modifications and guidance.

Vinyasa yoga classes

Emma understands that everybody is unique, and she’s there to provide modifications and guidance to your specific needs. Her goal is to create a personal and safe environment where you can connect with yourself through the practice.

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More about Gemma

I’m Gemma, a vinyasa flow yoga teacher from Spain and based in Haarlem.
My journey into the world of wellness began at a young age through my passion for dance.

As someone who once struggled with scoliosis pain and hyper-flexibility, I understand the importance of balancing flexibility with strength. Therefore, I like to create sequences where you can flow on your mat, transitioning through the poses by listening to your body, letting your breath guide your movements adding as well active flexibility to prevent injuries and promote resilience in all kinds of bodies.



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