Movement therapist

Alana, a dedicated movement therapist, combines movement, breathwork, and philosophy to help clients connect with their bodies and navigate their holistic well-being journey. She focuses on empowerment, offering tools for healing with confidence and self-awareness. Her approach goes beyond physical techniques, aiming to tap into clients’ innate power and resilience for comprehensive wellness.

Movement therapy by Alana

Alana’s coaching approach is rooted in empowerment. She aims to inspire and guide you, offering tools and insights to navigate your healing journey with confidence and self-awareness. It’s not just about the poses or the breath; it’s about tapping into your innate power and wisdom, fostering a sense of resilience that extends far beyond our time together.

Whether you’re seeking relief from physical discomfort, looking to enhance your mental well-being, or yearning for a deeper connection with yourself, we will co-create a path to wellness that is uniquely yours.

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Alana is passionate movement therapist dedicated to supporting her clients in their holistic well-being journey. With a background deeply rooted in movement, breathwork, and a profound philosophy of living, she teaches classes that help you build a connection with your body. 



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