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Anna, an experienced Pilates instructor with a background as a professional modern dancer, specializes in pelvic floor health and pain reduction. She tailors sessions to client goals, focusing on posture, strength, flexibility, and well-being through Pilates mat-work and equipment.

Pilates mat & equipment expertise

Anna’s expertise is distinguished by her specialized knowledge in pelvic floor health and pain reduction techniques (Restore Your Core®). She customizes each session to align with her client’s objectives, using Pilates mat-work and Pilates equipment to ensure a personalized and effective training.

Join Anna to unlock your body’s potential and embrace the opportunity to gain better posture, strength, flexibility and well-being.

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More about Anna

Anna is an experienced Pilates instructor with an extensive history with movement. As a former professional modern dancer and choreographer, Pilates became her secret weapon for maintaining a demanding performance schedule.

Throughout her teaching career, Anna has had the privilege of working with a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals seeking flexibility and fitness, to navigating the challenges of pregnancy, postpartum recovery and aging.



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