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Lynne, originally from Dublin and now based in Amsterdam, combines her love for Pilates, developed in Amsterdam, with her background in dance and sports to offer a holistic approach to wellness. As a BASI-trained Pilates instructor, her classes focus on mind-body connection, offering a challenging yet calming experience. 

Pilates mat & reformer classes

I am BASI pilates trained as a Mat and Equipment (Reformer, Cadillac,
Wunda Chair, F2) teacher and officially certified sinds Januari 2024.

My goal as a teacher is to introduce people to pilates and the benefits of it with a keen focus on educating and relearning clients on the workings of their anatomy in a fun, safe and sweaty way….all delivered in an Irish accent .

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More about Lynne

Hello! My name is Lynne, a Dublin girl that’s made Amsterdam my home for some years now. It was in Amsterdam that I discovered and found my love of Pilates . Having practiced dance and other sports throughout my life, I have always appreciated the art of movement and how that marries in with our mind state and find that combination is perfectly balanced in a good pilates practice.

For me pilates is a lifestyle that enables you to get reacquainted with your body in a challenging but calm way. The ‘post class feeling’ leaves you feeling worked, stretched and clearer in your mind every time. 

In my ‘other work’ as a Pharmacovigilance Scientist my objective is to ensure we have safe and effective products available to patients to fundamentally make them feel better and I feel my work as a Pilates teacher is the other string in my bow to try to help people feel better, more aligned and stronger through movement during my class. 



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