Pilates mat & reformer instructor

Pilates classes focus on breath, core strength, and body awareness, using BASI Pilates to make exercises both challenging and enjoyable. Inspired by the full-body benefits of Pilates for physical well-being, the instructor brings diverse international experiences from living in Haarlem, London, and South Africa.


Pilates mat & reformer classes

Pilates classes use a classical order of postures, and focus on breath, core conditioning, and body awareness. I use a repertoire (based on the BASI school of Pilates) to emphasize movement that is both challenging and enjoyable.  

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More about Bron

I have lived in Haarlem for the last 13 years.  Before that I lived in London, whilst I was born and raised in South Africa. 

The full body emphasis of Pilates to improve physical wellbeing is what inspires me. 




(+31) 6 24890174 

(Bereikbaar maandag t/m vrijdag van 10:00 – 15:00)

Adres Studio 44

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