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The Pilates enthusiast and STOTT-Pilates trainer, promises to blend fun, fitness, and music into Pilates sessions, aiming for an enjoyable yet effective workout. After discovering Pilates post-injury, Nikki focuses on alignment, breathing, and making every session feel like a “Pilates party.” Offering both group and private sessions, Nikki is dedicated to making clients feel empowered and fabulous, ensuring a unique and joyful Pilates experience for every body type and preference.

Pilates mat & reformer, Power pilates & Private classes

I’m your STOTT-Pilates trainer for the hour, but hey, I promise I won’t make you speak in Pilates jargon. I’m all about that correct alignment and breathing, but don’t worry, we’ll sweat and groove to some tunes in the background too. We sculpt, tone, and have a blast – consider it to be a Pilates party with a dash of sweat!

I fell head over heels for Pilates after an injury, and I’ve been perfecting my moves ever since. With an eagle eye for detail and a penchant for mixing the classic with the contemporary, I will have you strutting your stuff in no time. Whether you prefer group fun or one-on-one pampering, I’ve got your Pilates dreams covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get that body in sync and rocking.

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Nikki is your Pilates enthusiast and wizard behind The Pilates Concept. 

Ever tried Pilates and felt like you were on cloud nine? That’s what Nikki is all about. Nikki is there to sprinkle that Pilates joy into your life, helping you strut out of class feeling like a powerhouse and looking like a superstar.



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