Eva Pissaki – Pilates docent


Eva Pissakis- Pilates Mat & Equipment Instructor
“Give the energy you want to attract”
My name is Eva Pissakis and I come from Greece. I had been a ballet dancer for 15
years. My love for Pilates started as a student at the age of 20. After 5 years of
practice, in 2019,I decided to enroll on the BASI Comprehensive Course in Athens to
become a pilates instructor. Since then I have been teaching Pilates Mat and
Equipment in various studios and Fitness clubs. In 2020, I also joined specialized
courses, such as Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates through Pregnancy and
Beyond and Pilates on Trampoline. Since 2021 , I have been a NASM certified
personal trainer,too. My next goal is the yoga training.
Exercise should be a lifestyle and that’s my teaching philosophy. People should love
and listen to their bodies. In my classes , I aim at sharing my passion and love for
movement with my students. I wish to inspire them and guide them to connect to
their own movement practice.
Together we can become stronger and more confident!