Pilates Equipment Therapy

 ‘A personal pilates program designed for your body and needs’

A personal pilates program designed for your body and needs. You work on your own programme within a group environment, whilst still receiving a high level of individual teacher attention and care.

Our highly qualified teachers will provide corrections and support. There will be a maximum of four clients sharing the space. This class is highly recommended for people recovering from injuries, people new to Pilates, the elderly and athletes. Also suitable for people who have specific goals they want to achieve.

We have a full range of pilates equipment including the Cadillac, the Wunda chair and the Reformer. The Pilates equipment uses springs with resistance to either support or challenge the body. With hundreds of exercises and variations available, as well as a variety of springs and possible adjustments to the machines, the teacher can best adapt the work to suit the student’s body and their needs.

The equipment is used to help you move more efficiently and freely in everything you do – from relieving back pain, sporting or simply being able to enjoy life pain free.


De kosten
Intake € 65
Rittenkaart voor 10 lessen PET € 225
Rittenkaart 5 lessen PET € 120
Privéles € 65