Dry needling or IMS (intramuscular stimulation)

Dry needling is the use of a thin, single-use needle to release tight bands of muscles in the body that contribute to pain and dysfunction.  By targeting localized areas of tightness with the needle insertion, a reflex relaxation is produced in the muscle.  This can help to “reset” tissue to its natural resting length and relieve pain as well as restore mobility and reduce compression on associated joints.  

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Andrea moved to Haarlem just over a year ago from Vancouver, Canada where she worked as a physiotherapist for almost 20 years.  She is currently working as a performance therapist while trying to master the Dutch language, at which point she will register through the BIG as a physiotherapist here in the Netherlands.

Growing up, Andrea played various sports at competitive levels, and through her own personal experiences, understands the role that physiotherapists play in rehabilitation and return to work, sport, and daily life.  She loves working one-to-one with clients to help them reach their individual goals.

Andrea is trained in and currently offers manual therapy, dry needling, clinical pilates, vestibular rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercise.  She enjoys incorporating various treatments after doing a full body complete musculoskeletal assessment. 

Intake/Assessment (45 min):  70
Treatment (30 min): 50
Treatment (45 min): 70

** Prices/times are the same for musculoskeletal, clinical pilates, and vestibular assessments/treatments

E-mail for more information:  andreajohnsonpt80@gmail.com 




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