Studio44 | zaterdag 14 juli : Masterclass Tune up your Hips
In deze splinternieuwe Studio 44 heerst een aangename huiselijke sfeer. Geen sportschool, geen massa maar individuele aandacht. De groepslessen zijn toegankelijk voor iedereen, man/vrouw, jong/oud met/zonder blessure. Burgwal 44 Haarlem
Studio 44, sportschool, individuele aandacht, groepslessen, Burgwal 44 Haarlem
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zaterdag 14 juli : Masterclass Tune up your Hips

zaterdag 14 juli : Masterclass Tune up your Hips

Tune up your Hips

Waar: Studio 44

Wat: Masterclass van Nina Watson

Datum: zaterdag 14 juli 2018

Tijd: 10:30 – 12:00

Kosten: 20 euro  (Overmaken naar Studio 44 IBAN NL65ABNA0975 8438 34 onder vermelding van Masterclass Nina watson en je eigen naam. Betalingen dienen voor 12 juli binnen te zijn. Na betaling is inschrijving pas definitief en het cursus geld wordt niet terugbetaald bij afwezigheid). 

Tight or open, your hips need to be strong for injury-free movement. Learn how to build more stability!

Stability in the hips is crucial for athletes—and everyone else: The primary function of the hips is to bear weight, and we need them to stabilize the upper body, support the lower limbs, and absorb shock from movements such as running and jumping.

The gluteus medius is the hip’s primary stabilizer. It originates from the outer, top rim of the iliac crest and inserts at the top of the thigh bone, covering the outer hip, and maintains stability in the joint with the help of the gluteus minimus. A lax, unsupported hip joint slides around unnecessarily, irritating the soft tissues and increasing the likelihood of alignment problems and overuse injuries elsewhere in the body. Simply put, the role of the gluteus medius is to minimize excessive movement by keeping the thighbone firmly integrated in the hip socket

In this Master class we will explore our hips and look for:

-What is tight and what is weak.

-How can we create more integrity around the hip joint.

-How can we shift our focus from hip openness to hip stability

Last but not least:

-How can we practice in such a way that serves our hips rather than causing harm!