The Strong Spine Workshop

Improve your strength and say goodbye to back pain!

Discover the principles of movement – anatomy, breathing, and core. Learn the causes of low back pain and how breathing techniques can create spinal stability, decrease your back pain, improve your sex, and enhance your athletic performance.

Back pain doesn’t just go away with rest. Learn how your movements are creating dysfunctional patterns and how to get out of them. After this 90 minute workshop run by sports chiropractor Carly Zuehlke, you will have a better understanding of what caused your back pain and how to make sure it doesn’t keep coming back. You will have exercises that you can begin immediately and start your path to recovery.

This workshop is for you if you:

✔️ Experience back or groin pain with prolonged sitting or standing

✔️ Have back or neck pain with exercise or heavy lifting

✔️ Feel stiff in the morning when getting out of bed

✔️ Tried rest and medications and still suffer from pain

✔️ Have pelvic floor dysfunction, including leaking, painful sex, constipation

Workshop goals:

  • Gain competence in engaging the hidden, deep core muscles in the pelvic floor

  • Master optimal breathing techniques for spinal stability

  • Practice the top 5 exercises to safely strengthen your back

  • Resume your activities and sports with confidence

  • Improve athletic performance

Class size is limited so that individual attention will be given to every attendee.

Workshop is 90 minutes. €49
October 23, 15.30 – 17.00

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