OLGA-ISABELLE – Teacher Pilates en Equipment, privé trainer


My name is Olga-Isabelle and I sculpt bodies and lift spirits here at  Studio 44.

I’m a professionally trained Ballet dancer from Gothenburg, Sweden and I have practiced and taught yoga and Pilates since the age of 16. I’m also a certified personal trainer with the latest certificate from NASM 2017, and I’m currently studying clinical nutrition to take my clients health to the next level.

I have a huge passion for women’s health, hormones and our right to understand our own bodies. I truly believe we as women deserve more than to just feel “ok”, we deserve greatness.

In my classes you will find soul and science coming together with the intention to let you to live your best life.

Expect good music, laughs and sweat.

For me this is not just my work, but a lifestyle.

I breathe and live for movement, good food and female empowerment every day.Bewaren