Ana Faber 


Because great things take time.
‘Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things’. These are the words of
Joseph Pilates a great fitness pioneer of its time and starting point figure for all the
Pilates teachers and practitioners around the globe.
And I had that moment; almost 2,5 years ago, when I opened the doors of a private
Pilates practice room in Antwerp, to some friendly faces who just wanted to move along.
But everything started way back, in hometown Zagreb, guided by inspiring teachers and
a rather small Pilates community. My body struggling with bad posture was drawn into
the practice so fast and like never before with any fitness regimens. Excited by all the
benefits of Pilates I started my formal education. And that was more than two decades
I became certified BASI Pilates mat teacher, without knowing exactly what to do with it.
So my career continued in journalism and marketing.
But I knew the journey would continue. And it did.
Moving to Belgium was a real ‘game changer’. Once more I was dedicated Pilates
enthusiast, but this time knowing that not only I enjoy time as a practitioner, but also that
I wanna turn it into a profession. So I enrolled in a BASI comprehensive TT in
Amsterdam in 2019. which broaden my knowledge to Pilates equipment.
I will always claim: ‘Pilates literally changed my life’, but I will also always stay open
minded, learn from the other fitness professionals and incorporate different techniques
into own teaching.
In each and every class the goal is to make people feel more grounded and more aware
of themselves and their own bodies by using precised and detailed mind and body
approach. Through a flow of exercises we will slowly move our boundaries in a fun and
safe way.