Creative Corporealities (Contemporary Dance)

Creative Corporealities is about giving life to our own ways of moving. It’s about dancing our authenticity and expanding our body consciousness through detailed sensitizations – which embody our particular anatomies, senses, perceptions and creative potentialities.

In these workshops we’ll exercise your presence as an integrated body, in a realistic, creative and imaginative way. Through psychosomatic sensitizations, breathing techniques and a deep recognition of our bodies (methods: BMC® and Bartenieff Fundamentals) we’ll visit improvisation and compositional dance techniques.

The practice intends to stimulate your anatomic structures as parts of a complete organism, such as the expansion of your vocabulary in dance, the conscious authenticity of your self-body and the creative connection between your movements in dance and your movements in daily life.

The class will contain different levels of warming up/stretching/fortification, floorwork choreography, improvisation and group composition practices.

This experience is perfect for beginners in dance of all ages or amateurs/professional dancers who want to expand their movement vocabularies in a collective and exploratory class.